Link Management Becomes Easier

Don’t Waste Time Dealing with Confusing Links

Save and Organize Efficiently with Pikurate.

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Uh... Where did all of my saved links go?

Peoples who don't find web links which seen before.

Don’t waste time saving individual links and searching everywhere for it.

Manage links perfectly

With our smart save algorithm
how to make a Pik

Create a Pik on the topic you want

Create a category within the Pik

Save the link in the category and you're done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Pikurate completely for free?

Pikurate is available for free.Individual users and companies that require more advanced functions are encouraged to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Is Pikurate available on all devices and browsers?

Pikurate is supported on all devices.For PC users, we recommend downloading the extension from the Google Chrome store for better user experience.

Can I share my Piks with others or is it only viewable by me?

When you make your Pik public, you can not only share it with others, but you can also invite people to collaborate on your Pik. Those invited are able to edit and add links. When you make your Pik private, only you are able to access and view the Pik and the links within.

Do you have any tips to maximize user experience?

1.Download a Pikurate mobile app!

2. On your PC, save the links with the Chrome extension!

Chrome extension download

3. Type a description of your personal insights when you save the link!

It makes it much easier to understand the contents of the link when looking back or sharing it with others!

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